Energy independence

The world is calling out for a rapid transition to renewable energy. At the same time, many developing countries see an increase in demand for electricity as their populations’ wealth increases.

In many cases these two developments create a third opportunity: that of energy independence. Instead of importing polluting fossil fuels and relying on other regimes for the growing energy need, many countries have a natural resource right above their heads. With ample sunshine, land with low economic value can become the source of indigenous energy production through the installation of solar energy at scale.

We see it as our mission to do what we can do to help protect against catastrophic climate change. The opportunity to help developing nations source a large portion of their energy from local sunshine is the biggest impact we can offer in this endeavor.

Utility scale solar can be deployed much quicker than traditional forms of electricity generation and can help to stimulate economic growth and improve the stability of the electricity supply system.

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