Conscious investments, sustainable development

Altesca is conscious about the investments we make and the projects we embark on. We seek to find opportunities that are proven to make a difference in our fight to save the world from destructive climate change. We, for one, won’t stick to our old ways or invest just because it makes money. We only want to work on projects that make a difference. Our focus lies on the transition to renewable energy and enabling the digital transformation through data processing facilities.

Frank Dekker

With 35 years of business experience across multiple countries and continents, Frank brings a passion for teamwork, success and a love for the outdoors to his work at Altesca. A keen skier, hiker, tennis player and oarsman, Frank recognizes the threat that a changing climate brings to the pursuits that make life so good. Through Altesca’s investments he seeks to play his part in protecting what we were given for his own family and yours.

Meet Altesca, your sustainale business partner

Altesca is an experienced partner and investor in renewable energy projects, land regeneration and internet infrastructure. We develop projects from the ground up and offer our partners the opportunity to realize their ambitions. Landowners, co-investors, communities, clients and municipalities win by working with Altesca. Our mission is to make everyone better off because of what we do and to make a difference in the fight to save the world.

Our projects

Altesca is working on investment opportunities and projects across three continents with multiple partners. To learn more please contact us. We are always interested in evaluating other opportunities that match our criteria. If you have a project that helps combat climate change, and want to discuss a collaboration with Altesca, please let us know!

What our clients and partners say

“Life is good with the solar up and running. They’re a great company with the utmost integrity”

North Carolina

“You did exactly what you said you were going to do. I would have no hesitation in recommending you”

United Kingdom

“Frank has the ability to visualize the potential of an opportunity and then develop effective, affordable plans, which he's then been able to implement to optimize the outcome”

Business Partner
United Kingdom

“Frank is a very innovative business manager. I wholeheartedly recommend him”

United Kingdom

“Among these trailblazers is Frank Dekker and his talented team. It was my great pleasure to discuss their groundbreaking work with Frank and his colleagues, and learn just how they are redeveloping difficult, previously developed land into productive solar power projects.”

Virginia Solar Summit organizer

Get in touch

We love to hear from you. If you have interesting projects, investment opportunities or want to share some of the things you are doing to improve energy and digital infrastructure, please reach out and connect.

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